McCormick Lawyers handle debt recovery, civil litigation and other general legal matters for clients of all sizes and levels of sophistication.

We are results driven and understand that when you contact us your only concern is having your dispute resolved favourably and efficiently so that there is as little impact on your affairs as possible.

Debt recovery is a cornerstone of our practice. We are repeatedly retained to recover client’s debts and to also review our client’s debt management processes.

Litigation is a complex area of practice and prompt, accurate assessment of legal claims and defences is a hallmark of our practice. We are skilled negotiators and employ a variety of strategies to resolve a dispute to avoid the need to go to court. We work hard to negotiate favourable out-of-court settlements to minimize risk and costs to you, but are always determined and prepared to litigate your case to protect your rights.

Our offices are situated adjacent to Ramsay Clout, Corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy Trustees and the Noosa Barristers chambers known as Inns of Court Noosa. Our close proximity to Noosa Barristers means that we are typically in daily contact with Barristers who specialise in civil and commercial litigation which enables us to be efficient and cost effective when advancing a complex court litigated matter.

The Noosa Professional Centre is also the legal hub of Noosa and the closest commercial building to the Noosa courts. We regularly represent other law firms on town agency matters in the Noosa courts.

If you are contemplating commencing a law suit, or are faced with defending one, McCormick Lawyers can assist you as our experience covers a wide range of legal issues including:

  • General Disputes - Legal disputes between parties on legal and policy decisions.
  • Debt Recovery - Letters of Demand, Court Issued claims, judgement and enforcement against assets of the debtor
  • Contract Disputes - Disputes over defective products or the quality of services
  • Building Disputes and BCIPA claims - Disputes between owners and builders, BCIPA claims, subcontractor disputes, Adjudication
  • Defendant Litigation - The defence of claims for money and other relief in court proceedings and counterclaims
  • Professional Negligence - A tradesman or professional advisor has been negligent in the provision of services or advice.
  • Insurance claims - Policy and motor vehicle disputes with insurance companies
  • Body Corporate - Lot owner adjudication and general advice
  • Retail Shop Lease - Disputes over retail lease conditions
  • Defamation - Malicious comments about a person’s character
  • Partnership and Company - Partnership disputes, corporate governance disputes and appointment of receivers and liquidators
  • Estate Litigation - Will disputes and Family Provision Applications
  • Mediation - Alternate dispute resolution forums for resolving disputes.
  • Bankruptcy - Personal Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency - Company Insolvency & Receivers