Family Law

We are one of the oldest and most respected Family Law firms in Noosa and on the Sunshine Coast.

We regularly appear in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court and do most of our own appearance work which helps us keep costs down.-

  • Property - including businesses, companies and trust structures
  • Children - residency, contact and child support
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Financial Agreements (pre-nuptial agreements)
  • De Facto and Domestic Relationships
  • Cohabitation Agreements and Binding Financial Agreements

This is one of the most difficult areas of legal practice both for the lawyer and the client. You are not only dealing with children, property and money but people's feelings and emotions. It is usually the biggest commercial transaction the parties will ever be involved in. The parties to a broken marriage often feel lonely, exposed and vulnerable. There are three major firms practising in family law and we are one of them. We have young through to very experienced lawyers and are therefore able to allocate cases to the appropriate level as well as accommodate the client's financial position on costs. We undertake much of our own appearance work which helps keep costs down. We not only handle the simpler cases but also the biggest and most complex litigious fights in the Family Court of Australia. We are experienced, supportive and straightforward with our advice rather than leaving the client under any misapprehensions. Much of our work in the family and de facto law areas is referred to us by other legal firms. We work closely with the counsellors on residence/contact cases and with property valuers, accountants, and investigators who are able to both value business interests and track down assets.