Criminal Law

We regularly appear in the Noosa Magistrates Court, Maroochydore District Court and the Brisbane Supreme Court.

We have extensive experience in criminal, drug and traffic matters ranging from:

  • Traffic Offences - Defective vehicles and hooning
  • Drink Driving - Work Licence and licence disqualification
  • Driving Offences - Licence disqualification
  • Assaults - Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm and Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Drug Offences - Possession, Production and Trafficking
  • Wilful Damage - Damage to the property of another
  • Stealing, Receiving and Property Offences - Stealing, Receiving and wilful damage
  • Unlawful Use Motor Vehicle - Unlawful use of a car, motorbike or boat
  • Robbery
  • Fraud - Cheque payments and Social Security charges
  • Serious Police Charges - Murder and Manslaughter
  • Tax Offences
  • Local Government Prosecution - Planning and Environment Prosecutions, regulatory compliance, Waterway prosecutions
  • Criminal Compensation - Defence of Criminal compensation claims
  • Sports Tribunals - Sports Disciplinary Tribunals
  • Disciplinary Tribunals - Professional Disciplinary Tribunals
  • Coronial Inquest

We provide fixed fee rates for pleas of guilty in the Magistrates courts and a customised schedule of our estimated fees for various stages of a criminal prosecution. In serious criminal matters we adopt a case management model to incorporate a specialist criminal Barrister as part of our criminal defence team. Our offices are located adjacent to the Barristers chamber Inns of Court Noosa which means that our close proximity allows us to have quick access to a comprehensive team of junior, senior and appellant court criminal Barristers who have previously worked as police detectives and prosecutors.

If you are charged by police or have been asked by police to participate in a record of interview you should contact us without delay.

Assault offences and compensation

If you are charged with an assault style offence you may also face a compensation claim as part of your sentence and/or a civil claim for injury compensation. We have extensive experience in defending civil claims resulting from assault offences. You should review our assault offence factsheet and contact us if you face an assault charge.